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Finger Paints Set of 4 - Aki
Finger Paints Set of 4 - Aki
Finger Paints Set of 4 - Aki
Finger Paints Set of 4 - Aki

Finger Paints Set of 4 - Aki


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Finger Paints Set of 4 - Aki

With neogrün® Finger Farben children can let their creative side and imaginations run wild. These amazing finger paints are great fun for all ages and combines the freedom of unlimited play with a safe sensory experience. 

Made from natural eco-friendly ingredients, using safe plant and mineral pigments. The spill-proof consistency and shallow containers are ideal for the young artists. The palette of mild natural colours is intended to promote the colour perception at a young age through calm and focused sensory play.

This set contains 4 x 120g tubs - blue, yellow, red & green

  • Can be used on paper, cardboard, glass, stone and many other surfaces, not only with hands and feet
  • Can also be applied with a brush or printed using a sponge or stamp
  • Easy to spread
  • Water-soluble
  • Dilutable and miscible with each other
  • Children under the age of 3 should be supervised by adults


H: 5.5 cm W: 14.5 cm D: 14.5 cm


Made from natural eco-friendly ingredients and refined vegetable and mineral pigments

Brand: Neogrun

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