Learn By Doing - Phonics Flashcards - Happy Littler Doers

 Phonics can seem daunting but these cards do all the hard work for you!

The Learn by Doing Phonics pack consists of 37 double-sided cards with simplistic and engaging illustrations of animals doing sports and activities, because… why can’t a bear play badminton or a penguin go paddleboarding?  Each animal has a name to help identify and make the phonic sound more relatable, you will meet Ollie the octopus, Lara the lion, Gary the goat amongst many other new friends.

As well as your child learning letter sounds, they will be empowered with lots of new activities and sports that they can achieve. Teach them that the world is their oyster and anyone can do anything if they really put their mind to it.

With the simple to follow instruction cards, you will find everything you need to follow your exciting phonics journey.  These fab cards will teach you how to use them, sound blending, pronunciation, phonics terminology and even phonic games – they’ve got you covered!  Each learning group has been cleverly segmented into their own letter groups by colour, so you can concentrate on one group at a time.  From there you can start to introduce sound blending where we will start you off by giving you examples of simple words.

So, what’s included in each pack?

  • Introduction, instruction, terminology and game cards
  • 1 Sound Group Card
  • 1 Pronunciation Card
  • 1 Double sided Sound Blending Card
  • 25 Phonic Cards – Single letter one side with animal friends doing sports and activities on the reverse
  • 7 Digraph Phonic Cards – Double letter one side with animal friends doing sports and activities on the reverse
Which letters are included in this pack?

Letters a-z (not the letter ‘q’ as ‘qu’ is used in phonics) as well ck, th, sh, ch, ng and nk.

These hands-on phonics toys are ideal to help preschoolers and early years to learn their letter sounds, boost confidence, and develop more understanding about reading simple words.