PlayPOWER Cards - For Kids

Play can be a tricky world to navigate and sometimes our children need a little reassurance to take ownership of their play and learning.

These playPOWER cards are 25 playful affirmations to remind our young children that they can make decisions and choices about their play and to feel confident when they do.

We want to raise the profile of play and help the younger generations realise just how important it is to their development so let's support them to do so!

A lovely gift for your own children to use at home or to pair with a pack of playPROMPTS to make a thoughtful gift.

25 colourful cards with playful affirmations for children. Printed in Bristol, UK on FSC certified paper and held together with a metal ring to help keep them handy.

Makes a great set along with our PlayPOWER Cards - For Parents


FSC certified paper