PlayPOWER Cards - For Parents

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We all have those days when we're finding it hard or in need of a little boost. 

These playPOWER cards will do just that. 25 playful affirmations to reassure you that you're doing great.

Simply flick through the pack as a moment of self care or pick out a card at random and stick it where you will see it throughout the day.

Let these playPOWER cards remind you of the great job you're doing or even better, give them to a friend as a gift and tell how amazing they are....we all need to hear it once in a while.

25 colourful cards with powerful playful affirmations. Printed in Bristol, UK on certified FSC paper and held together with a metal ring to help keep them handy!

Makes a great set along with our PlayPOWER Cards - For Kids


FSC certified paper